Hello my dear friends


Instead of numbers and facts I'd like to share with you my fascinating journey to your world – the world of the full figured women.
After many years in the plus size fashion industry I learned a few important things.

First, your love and passion to look feminine and fashionable are my biggest incentive to move forward. Every smile of yours towards the mirror is my inspiration and vision for the next collection. You fill me with love and a true desire to make the absolute best of every season and collection, in order to keep watching you smile.

Second, as time went by I realised that 'plus sizes' as they were portrayed in the media are extremely different from real life plus sizes. and real plus size women often find themselves frustrated and disappointed by that fact.
That is why my commitment is not to 'cut corners'. Our sizes are real plus sizes and are created in consideration of fashion trends, your desire to look feminine and your plus size bodies.

Everything is possible when there's a true and honest understanding of your needs. in spite of my friends' pleads that I design for small sizes as well, my heart is with you and the plus size world – that is where I have found my calling.

I try to be attentive and open to new ideas, so feel free to share with me.